Divorced Men: 9 Reasons Women Are Hell-bent on Marrying You

It’s not to have your babies or take the other half of your retirement

Lee Bidoski
7 min readJan 27, 2022
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Suppose you’re a divorced man, and your divorce was a doozy.

“I’m not doing the marriage thing ever again,” you declare firmly.

As time moves on, you start realizing that the women you’re dating aren’t going for that. They hear your spiel about all the reasons marriage is unnecessary, and they pretty much say, “Check, please.”

Or, they hear you, and keep dating you, but they bring the topic up again and again. “Are you sure you’ll never get married again? What if you find someone you really love?”

That’s the way it was for a friend of mine. He’s been dating women who, like him, are divorced and, like him, don’t want more kids.

He asked me, “Why are these women so obsessed with marriage? I learned my lesson: Marriage sucks. Why didn’t they learn that lesson, too?”

Is it because they want a man to sink their teeth into and suck him dry? Do they just want a man for money? That didn’t make sense because his wallet was already bone-dry from the last marriage.

If the women didn’t want him for baby-making or money, why were they so insistent on marriage as a



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